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2024 Dem Primary Sample Ballot PDF

Are You Ready For The Upcoming Primary Election?
VOTE is your VOICE

WATCH Videos of the Hays County Candidates on
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SEE Hays County Primary candidates Voting History  

READ Hays County candidate responses to the WimDems Primary Candidate Forum Questionnaire HERE  

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Early Voting 
Feb 20 - Mar 1st

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Mar 5th

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A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas. Precinct Chairs are the officials elected to oversee individual precincts. Their responsibility is to engage directly with voters in their geographic area.

Each party elects a precinct chair in their primary every two years.  Precinct Chairs sit on the County Executive Committee (CEC), which conducts the local business of the Party.

Precinct Chair duties include:

  • Organizing their precinct and getting to know the people in the precinct

  • Mobilizing voters and encourage them to the polls to vote

  • Bridging the gap between voters and elected officials

  • Plugging volunteers into county-wide efforts and local Democratic campaigns

  • Supporting Democratic candidates and officeholders on their precinct’s ballot.

  • Encouraging voters to attend county conventions

  • Serving on the Hays County Democrats Executive Committee

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Precinct 320 

Wimberley Area

Precinct Lead

AUSTIN KESSLER, Precinct Chair

Austin Kessler, a lifelong Democrat, has a BA in History from Grinnell College and an MBA in Public Administration and Finance from Cornell University. He worked in Washington, D.C. for nine years, four in the Office of Management and Budget and five for the Department of Health and Human Services before moving to Austin in 1990 to be the Director of Health Policy for the Texas Medicaid Program. He has previously served as precinct chair in Northwest Austin and worked extensively on Steve Kling's and Erin Zwiener's 2018 campaigns. He lives in Rolling Oaks with his wife, two dogs, one cat, and an ever expanding metal yard art collection.


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Prec​inct 333

PATTY NILSSON, Precinct Chair

I've been a  Democrat my entire life and have been an organizer and advocate for the Democratic Party's beliefs and goals since high school. Becoming a Precinct Chair was a natural fit.  

I came to Wimberley after I retired from a career in Media Technology, Film & TV Production and Education.  

I love being part of the process, helping get out the vote and helping elect quality Democrats. It’s hard work, but I’m able to effect the very change I’ve advocated for my entire life and make a difference in our community and beyond. What could be better than that?  

I look forward to meeting everyone in #333 and working with you all to "Be the Change” we need in America.


It starts with "We, the People!"





Precinct 335

MINDY WEBBER, Precinct Chair

I love being the Democratic Precinct Chair for 335. I'm a retired teacher who loves sharing information, and who loves the ideals of what our country can be. I am a Democrat because I feel strongly in equalizing the playing field for everyone. My goal is to help you vote Democratic. Voting is the cornerstone of our Democracy, and it is my passion. 




Precinct 337


My name is Sandra Organ Solis and I have served as a Democratic Precinct Chair for Hays County precinct 337 since 2020. I live in Woodcreek North, where many new neighbors are moving to the Wimberley area. We need their voices and votes in staking claim to the quality, safety, and viability that their presence deserves in this community.




Precinct 338

NAN SIMPSON, Precinct Chair

Nan Simpson is a life-long Democrat. How long is that? Well, I shook hands with John F. Kennedy when he was campaigning in Lubbock in 1960. My husband, Gary Harlow, and I joined Wimberley Democrats as soon as we moved here , and have volunteered in numerous activities to spread the word. He has worked on programs and I have specialized in hospitality. I'm known as "cookie monster"...

Go Wim Dems!




Precinct 339

SHERI SCOTT, Precinct Chair

Sheri Scott has a PhD from the University of Arkansas in Soil and Environmental Science. She owns an environmental consulting company and is director of a non-profit. She works with farmers to manage manure in a manner to protect quality of surface and drinking water supplies. And she works with developers and land engineers to permit projects to protect on-site wetlands. She lives off Highway 12 between Wimberley and San Marcos with her teenage stepson, 2 dogs, and too many cats. She believes it’s time for a change to our approach to living in the United States. That we each need to amplify the message of the majority, and make engagement in the care of our country, our state, and our local communities a part of our daily routines. And we need to teach our children how to effect change, thereby ensuring the survival of democracy for generations to come.


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