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Help Turn Hays County and Texas Blue!


The WimDems are planning a broad set of activities for the election season, and we need your help. 


Please look at the volunteer opportunities and sign up for one or more.  


If you have questions about these positions, or if you have ideas on how you can participate, please feel free to share them in the Questions and Comments section or email us at


Many of the outreach activities cost money, and we rely solely on donations. Please consider a DONATION to the WimDems.


If you are viewing this on a phone, the descriptions will be below the form.


I am interested in helping with the following activities. Feel free to select several areas.  


Email Address*


Questions or Comments

Mailing Address

Communications & Public Relations

Lots of opportunities available!

Update the website, help with Social Media, write the newsletter and share our events and other announcements. In addition to our own social media, work with like-minded groups and local news outlets.


Get Out the Vote

From voter registration through Election Day, identify and motivate potential Democratic voters. Work on postcard-writing, emailing and phone and text banking. We won't be knocking on doors this year, but we may be driving/walking and dropping off flyers and candidate campaign materials including putting up signs and holding election events.


Social Sundays

Our monthly Socials are on the last Sunday of the month. Exact dates and locations are posted as we near each event.  This committee helps with planning, recruiting speakers, publicity and Zoom meeting logistics.


Office Administration

Help us gather and maintain our Volunteer contact lists, help with volunteer traffic and help the Pct Chairs coordinate their print and volunteer needs.



Work on campaigns and events like online auctions, mailers, sales of WimDems swag and good old begging.

Volunteer Coordinator

Organize list of new volunteers and help recruit volunteers as needed for events.


Help maintain a presence at the Community Center during elections.


Help Precinct Chairs

Work with Precinct Chairs on everything from Getting Out the Vote to phone banking, candidate meet and greets, mailers, distribute candidate signs, etc.

Precinct Chair

Become a Precinct Chair and work with the Hays County Democratic Party on executing a master plan for candidate support and Getting Out the Vote in your Precinct.  



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