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Avoid the Lines: When and Where to Vote

A number of factors point towards unprecedented waiting times to vote in this election:

  • Record turnout
  • Coronavirus precautions
  • Elimination of straight ticket voting
  • Uneven utilization of countywide vote centers

If you act promptly, voting by mail is still the best way to avoid lines. If you decide to vote in person, you should choose your time and place carefully:

  • Avoid the busiest polling places. Here is the full list and a map of polling places. (Note that the envelope icons on the map are early voting locations. They are NOT mail ballot drop-off points.) See if it is convenient to avoid the following locations, which were the busiest ones last November:
    1. Wimberley Community Center
    2. Precinct 4 Office
    3. Government Center
    4. Buda City Hall
    5. Precinct 2 Office
  • Take advantage of early voting, but don’t wait until the last few days. 
  • Avoid mid-day if practical. 
But whatever time and place you choose, VOTE!

To see more detailed recommendations, as well as the data and rationale behind them, click here.

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